August 02, 2022 — Andreea Cristina Stochita

Mastering the Art of Cat: Why it is necessary to understand your cat

Here at SØDE Design we consider cats as true family members. And just like us hoomans, your cat is lovely, attractive, paw-some so you should understand everything about her, so that you can treat her properly. And if you think that cracking a cat’s code is extremely vague or impossible, we're here to change ALL that! 

So, let’s start by going though all the benefits you’ll reap if you truly master the Art of Cat.

Strengthen the bond

Naturally, when you understand someone, the bond between you two goes to the next level and this is also the case with your furry friend. The outcome is even more so pawsome, because this cat-hooman relationship will result in lots of happiness and represents way you can show your feline how much you love her. And yes, she’s definitely going to reciprocate that.

Creates mutual understanding

Let’s clear something now - mutual understanding will not only impact your kitty’s life (oh no no no). It will have a paw-sitive outcome for you both. While you begin to better comprehend her behavior and gestures, the feline will also start to better understand your mood and how to act around you. This creates a safe space for the cat and adds onto your relationship.

Being listened to by your cat

When there’s a better understanding going on, there’s better communication too! You’ll start seeing how your cat will more easily follow your commands or words. Plus, she’ll also open up more, letting you know what she want - maybe a snack or some play time or she’ll just want to be alone. Understanding all this and being listened back by your cat will help create some meow-gical moments between you and your furry friends, trust us on this one!


Bye-bye loneliness

Being or feeling lonely is one of the worst feelings in the world. And this feelings is not just for hoomans, it extends to our lovely furry friends as well. Being understood plays a big part in this feeling and while you still have your friends, your co-workers, your family, your feline only has YOU. So make sure not to make her feel lonely and you will find one of the best friends and companions out there in your cat.

Understand her physical health

Do you speak MEOW? If not, you should start to, and we’ve got just the way to teach you right this way. Try to recognise her behavior, what it leads to, why she does certain things - such as scratching everything around the house. Understand her feelings and try to accommodate her. All of this build up to a better relationship for the both of you, you’ll see!


Don’t worry, this is a great starting point and you’ll get the handle of everything. Until then, if you have any questions, we probably have an answer so check out the Cat 101 blog and see if we got you covered. 

Until next time!