Why SØDE Design?

[Søde] (pronounced Seuu-De) is Danish for sweetie, cutie, sweetheart and that's how I know we all feel when calling our pets. And not much gets as sleek Scandinavian as a Danish design :)

Woman dressed in jeans overalls and blue shirt sitting on cat modern furniture in brown and white

Carøle - Chief Meow Officer

My name is Carøle and as long as I remember I was obsessed with cats. Had lots of cats in my bedroom: on the wallpaper, on the shelves, on my bed, and well... in real life too, in my childhood home.
Was born in Paris from a German mother and a French Dad, moved to the US (New York City) as a young adult to join a startup and then migrated to Montreal in Canada in which I spent a decade as a Marketing, Ecommerce Director for various companies in the Luxury Fashion, Cosmetics and lately Tech industry.

In Montreal, I decided to take the leap of faith and welcomed Hipster into my life. She moved around with me (a LOT) and came to Europe first Paris, then Amsterdam where we are now based. As a proud Cat Parent and (totally) passionate by good design (I even took design classes at Parsons School of Design), I was tired of searching for stylish & sustainable modern Cat furniture for my adorable furball, Hipster. 

In a world of over-abundance, I could not believe how difficult it was to find Cat toys that one was not going to be ashamed of or make a dent in one’s interior. And out of this frustration came an idea, an idea to create beautiful and sleek Scandistyle Furniture for Cats that could fit their needs, blends extremely well in their Hooman’s interior (that those could use too!) and be produced in the most circular and sustainable way possible by passionate artisans in Europe.

Beautiful Brown Spotted Cat with Blue scarf around the neck sitting

Hipster - Official SØDE Design Muse

"Hey SØDE Design Family,

My name is Hipster, I was born in Montreal, 12 years ago (but does a lady say her age?) I consider myself stylish and picky (I mean very PICKY). Besides I may not be a pure breed but I guarantee there’s true blue blood (at least in the attitude) running down my veins.

My favorite hobby is to sit on my Meowther's keyboard when she is on calls and play under the blanket in the middle of the night. I also adooooore scratching the new fancy sofa that we just got. Although I have to say since we got Origameow and Flower Pawer in the house, I do prefer scratching them. Lastly, I only demand the best, which is to play with good looking Cat Toys and Furniture, therefore I am SØDE Design’s toughest critic because Cats also deserve great looking furniture!

So ready to start a Cat Meowvolution ? "


Monica Grau Cat Vet Behaviourist

Monica - Chief Cat Happiness Officer

"Hey SØDE Design friends!

My name is Monica. I'm a vet surgeon and feline behaviourist. Needless to say I'm a crazy cat lady and a cat mom to 2 adorable furballs (and avid testers)! I'm fortunate enough to be based in sunny Barcelona but I'm having a hard time staying in one spot as I love to travel and discover the world.

After graduating in 2015 I've worked in different vet practices in Spain, Rotterdam and London; in 2020 I've decided to start with my own feline behaviour business and at the moment I do combine this with clinical roles. Also, I believe that educating the cat parents is the key to have happier and healthier cats, and so when I'm not treating felines, writing on my blog or creating educational content for social media, I'm helping create the best product experience for SØDE Design :)"


So we can’t tell you how her feedback on our product is invaluable to us!

One of a kind design

Proudly Tested by & on Cats

Premium Quality Materials

 Designed with a Cat Behaviorist

Woman dressed in blue shirt and pants sitting next to a cat and modern cat furniture


The Cat Furniture and Accessory business seems to be the last (non) extinct dinosaur. The giant traditional (and ugly) Cat Tree may look great at your Grandma’s but we doubt it’s the right fit in your fine looking home!

For too long, Cat Furniture and Accessories have been overlooked, and underloved with a “this-will-do” kind of attitude and leaving customers to pick the least-offensive looking options in the market.

That just doesn't seem right! Time to find better alternatives!

We say, search no more, that’s the equation SØDE Design will solve for you (yep, we may be geniuses in Maths!) which is born from the desire to create a beautifully designed (fe)line of furniture and accessories that are

1) Inspired by the Scandinavian style of design that you would love,

2) Designed with insights and playful surprises that fulfill your Cat friend with Happiness

3) Manufactured in Eco-responsible European factories.

Our obsession became our passion; to offer you a solution that would delight your Cat, your appetite for great design and contribute to your growing eco-consciousness!what we also called the SØDE Design Purrfect Trilogy!