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Keep Your Cat Calm (and Carry On)

How You Can Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Cats seem to live the good life. They lounge, sleep, and eat whenever they want – what could there possibly be to feel anxious or stressed about? Despite what you might think, your cat can also suffer from stress and anxiety. And if left untreated, this could even negatively impact their lives and health.


Why Do Cats Get Anxious?

Your cat feels stressed by the same things you would! Moving homes, changes in their environment or routines, or loud, overwhelming spaces can all contribute to how your cat feels and acts. If your cat is a rescue, certain events or environments can trigger feelings of stress that originated from a troubled history. While it’s not easy to pinpoint exactly why your cat is feeling anxious, there are ways to help calm them down.


How to Calm an Anxious Cat?

1. Give Them A Hidey Hole

Cats feel safe in spaces that are entirely their own. Whether you have a closed carrier or a secluded spot somewhere in your home, make sure your cat can escape for a while on its own terms. Just to give you an idea, something along the lines of our multifunctional Origameow, will do the trick perfectly.

2. Don’t Force Your Affection

While you might want to pet or stroke your cat to calm them down, this could make them feel even more stressed. Instead, give your cat some space and comfort them if they come to you.

3. Keep Things Consistent

Try to use the same kitty litter, the same kibble, or even the same laundry detergent when washing their toys or bed. What seems like a small change in routine to you, might just be a life-changing occurrence for your cat.

4. When to Talk to Your Vet

Is your cat showing any of the following symptoms?

✔ Hiding, lack of appetite, or nervous movements

✔ Aggression

✔ Spraying

✔ Anxious body language

5. The use of Essential Oils

Lavender is usually called the Queen of the Essential Oils since it appeases and calms our mental and physical states. This is true for us, hoomans but also true for our small felines.

The lavender oil is optimal in diffusion when your cat seems stressed, anxious, with the upcoming arrival of a new pet/cat, or just simply not itself. The oil can also be used mixed with another vegetal oil (coconut oil) to be applied directly in case of dry skins, cuts, burnt, and even when pain arises.

WARNING: Essential oils are not trivial and need to be handled with care as our cats are very sensitive. Indeed a cat's anatomy has 67 million of olfactory receptors (vs 6 million for us) which made them extremely open to likely to experience their strengths. If you need more info on the latter, please contact Laura or

If you’re worried about your cat’s attitude and mental health, make sure you reach out to your local vet who will give you the advice, resources, and products you need to keep your kitty calm.


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