At SØDE Design, we’re lovers of animals and the planet. That’s why it was impossible for us not to think about creating Furniture and Accessories that are durable and made to minimize our impact on our beautiful planet. #Pachamama

As you know, unfortunately in the Cat business, most of the (ugly) Cat Trees that you see are manufactured in “a far far away land” and start to look all worn out after a couple of weeks or in the best case scenario, months. So you are faced with the dilemma of buying a new Cat Tree (that is not that cheap!) just a couple of months after buying one. This can’t be a sustainable practice for the planet, your wallet and also your apartment’s design!

Plus have a close look at the used materials, they’re far from being sustainable and eco-friendly, most of them are derived from the plastic industry and to us, plastic is the new Sugar...

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Cardboard; over 80% of cardboards that we use are from recycled sources and 100% are recyclable.

Wood; our wood structure has the FSC and PEFC Certifications that guarantees that wood has been collected from responsible and sustainable forestry and works towards the long-term preservation of our forests.

Textile; our Textile is certified Oeko-Tex and can resist the test of time. Our pillow covers are washable and the used wool weaving is super premium so that it won’t shrink or change shapes.

Playrope; each playrope is unique and handmade by a team of professional weavers who have been in this industry for 40 years. Besides, the used fiber is 100% composed of recycled industrial waste!


Lastly because Cats love boxes, we could not ship out our object in boxes that we could not leverage.

Therefore each SØDE Design product comes with a surprise inside, a Cat House Cutout for you and your Cat so that you can make even better use of that empty packaging once your Cat Furniture is installed and double the fun!

Our Tester in Chief (Hipster) can't get enough of her Cut out Dollhouse!


No plastic

Long lasting

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Our Answer

That’s why we work with factories that are located in the North of Portugal, close to home where working conditions are amongst the best in the world, with true artisans and craftsmen who are dedicated to producing quality over quantity.

Our main factory works according to a strict code that acts as promoter of sustainability and circular economy, and uses renewable energy to engineer its manufacturing process; the factory acts on a 5-way level (Quality, Environmental, Chain Of Custody for forest based products, Social Responsibility andLegal Compliance).

Besides, we're following strict guidelines according to ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO14001 (Environmental).