September 23, 2021 — Carole Picou-Katmann

Why Cats Scratch and Why People Need Scratchboards

Having cats as pets is something that has several benefits (don't we love their purring sounds?). However, keeping the feline friends can at times bring some not so wanted surprises! One of their instinctual behaviour is scratching of surfaces, which may bring a lot of mess at home. They can scratch furniture, carpets, or any other household items.

Why Do Cats Scratch?

In any case, we need to understand why cats scratch surfaces. It will help us create a solution that will replace and save our carpets, furniture, and many other surfaces. Typically, cats instinctually scratch objects for various reasons:
  • Scratching helps cats to remove old claw sheaths. You may find what looks like an entire claw on the floor. That is not a ripped nail, but an old claw sheath.
  • The scratching is also a form of therapy. Cats get to release stress, excitement, or any other feeling that may overwhelm them. Because no matter how good a life they seem to have, cats can also experience stress and anxiety issues, you can read more about that here
  • Cats are born with scent glands in their paws. When they scratch a surface, they deposit traces of their scent on the surface. It acts as a message of marking territory. Other cats can easily sense that.
  • When cats scratch, they leave marks. The visible marks also play the role of conveying a territorial message to other cats.
  • The scratching acts as an exercise where the cats get to stretch their paws. It releases feel-good hormones that are responsible for keeping cats healthy.

Healthy Solutions Where Your Cat Can Scratch

Your cat needs a surface on which they can scratch to keep fit, healthy, and also mark their territory. It is a wild inmate behaviour to mark territory.
We get it, it may irritate you if your cat destroys your soft furnishings, but there are solutions which are healthy to the cat. We would not recommend personally to have your cat declawed. It is a painful experience that may cause disability.

Buy Scratchboards or Scratching Posts

Having scratchboards and scratching posts spread all over your home can be beneficial to the cat and also save your valuable furniture and carpeting from scratches.
Scratchboards can be beneficial to keep your cat healthy and protect your furniture from getting destroyed.
Ideally, kittens will find the scratchboards helpful. They have a lot of build-up energy and are always looking for somewhere to play. The scratchboards will give the kittens a surface on which they can engage in vigorous activity, and also somewhere they can attach themselves.
Scratchboards will help your cat to keep exercising, thereby staying healthy. Cats need somewhere to continually keep their claws in shape and exercise their bodies to reduce stress and overexcitement. A health cat scratches without worrying, and having a scratchboard will be helpful.
Additionally, if you have several cats in your home, the scratchboard can be common ground. Your cats will develop mutual interest and convene at the scratchboard. The scratchboard will be a place where they can meet, play, interact and even lounge all day long if you go for a multifunctional option such as our very own Origameow, which will become available real soon for cat and design lovers. 
We recommend having 2-3 Scratchboards or poles per home, depending on the size of your house. You will have to make sure they are located in high traffic area in your house otherwise the cat(s) will not even pay attention to them, so experiment with different spots, to find the ideal one! 


Every cat likes scratching. To keep your cat healthy, buy them a scratchboard. It will also protect your valuable furniture and carpeting.