August 02, 2022 — Andreea Cristina Stochita

How To Make Your Cat Emotionally Happy

Contrary to popular belief, cats do have emotions, lots of them actually. Cats are just like us, sometimes they are in need of emotional attachment and special love and care. Other times, well, just the opposite of that. Unlike you or me or other family members expressing their emotional needs, your feline friend can’t always do that so it’s up to you to understand their behaviour and what they need. Not fluent in MEOW yet? Well, first of all, you can start here and, second of all, we’ve put together a list of some activities you can do to bring emotional peace and happiness to your beloved furry friend.

Love Your Cat

Love and affection are the two greatest tools that can keep your cat happy at all times, yes trust us on this one. Here’s another one for you - did you know that indoor cats have different emotions from wild cats? That’s right, and the difference is that they actually need human love and consideration in order to be happy. So cuddle your cat, play around with her favourite toys and just focus on her and her emotions and you’ll thank us later for this tip.

Entertain Your Cat

Gotta keep this purr-ty cat entertained! Love and cuddles are great but your cat needs some entertainment as well, especially indoors. Our top recommendations are sustainable and interactive toys that will keep her busy all day long inside the house as well. Puzzle feeders with shredded food in them or other interactive options are great too, there are lots of things to choose form out there but remember that you are still the No. 1 source of entertainment for your feline.

Private Bed = Happy Cat

Might sound strange but think about it this way, did you love sharing your bed with a sibling or with friends? Sure a sleepover is fun, but leave it at that. Just like us, cats comfortable and safe space to relax and nap. A private bed offers them a source of warmth and comfort, and if you make sure to place it somewhere around the house they feel safe and also a well lighted area, even better! 

If you have no idea where to start, take a look at our modern cat furniture items while you’re at it and start with Origameow here.


Pets in Pairs

Just imagine your entire life without a significant other or friends and family in it. Not so nice, right? Same goes for your feline, it’s kind of a claw-ful life with no fun in it. We know you can’t always be around your furry friend at home but, fortunately there’s a simple answer to that - give her a furry friend to play with.

Face Time, Quality Time

Giving your feline proper time and attention is essential, especially for creating a safe space for her and a bond between the two of you. Otherwise she might not get close to you and that’s not because just how cats are, don’t get fooled by that - it’s because she doesn’t feel comfortable around you yet. No worries, there’s lots of thing you can do to make sure and avoid this and if you haven’t yet, you can read all about how to properly bond with your new furry friend here


And there you have it, now go spend some paw-some time with your beloved cat.
We’ll see you next time!