November 03, 2021 — sodedesign-accessories Admin

Happy (indoor) Cat, Happy Life

When we’re in a relationship with someone, we try to make that person happy (and ourselves as well obviously) and keep life entertaining. As a human, when we feel bored or down, we catch up with friends, family or go to the bar to feel lively and happy. But what about indoor cats? Do they also feel down or unhappy at something? Do they also need a lot of care? Like all other relationships, the human-cat relationship also demands a lot of care. Do you want to add more joy and happiness to your daily life?


Keep in mind that your great love and affection are the two major tools that can keep your cat cheerful and happy all the time. Do you know that your indoor cats have different emotions from wild cats, and they need human love and consideration for their happiness? Cats can even experience states of stress or anxiety if not provided for in the right way. So, the best way to keep your indoor cat cheered is to simply focus on her, cuddle her, play with her, and try to predict her emotional demands. And after doing so, you will be astonished to see the results of how little care and deep love can go a long way and bring long-lasting happiness!


2. Keep your Cat entertained

Remember that you are the main source of her entertainment so with no further due how to make sure your Cat lives its best life!

Think out of the box as there is a wide range of cat toys available in the market. We recommend looking at well-designed and sustainable objects that will cause your Cat no harm - such as a ball rope. Or you can go with a homemade version like a Ping Pong ball, Scrunched-up paper, or exercise wheels to add a lot of entertainment to your cat’s life.


3. My own Bed

Private beds are a great source of warmth and comfortable napping for your indoor cat. Lay it in a place where she feels safe, so ideally in an elevated spot by a source of light and/or warmth.


4. Just the two of us!

Just imagine your life without a partner or great friends? If I am no wrong, you will have a claw-ful life with no fun. Fur-real the same applies with indoor cats. I can understand that it may not be possible for you to give your whole day to your indoor cat, and you cannot bring her to all the places where you go. Fur-tunately, you can do a lot to give her a purr-fect happy life, try to give your indoor cat a friend to play with.


5. Quality time

Ohhh, she is not getting fur-miliar with you and showing some attitude? It means you are not giving her proper time and attention. Let me give you a mind-blowing idea, the best way to make your indoor cat happy is to give her the most valuable thing of yours, which is your time. It might be difficult at the start but I know you can spare some for her.


Happy purrs for now,