April 03, 2022 — Carole Picou-Katmann

Spring 2022 Trends Report

Pastels Interior Design with Cat

Are you like us? Whenever Spring is around, we rejoice!

Well with the season changing, we always take the opportunity to declutter and change our home decor! Spring 2022 has been released and we’re excited to see that they match perfectly with our 2 new SØDE Design Products: ORIGAMEOW & FLOWER PAWER! We believe our Cat furniture is of timeless elegance but it does not hurt to see that they are also on trend!

So ready to see what those Spring trends are all about? Ready, Steady, Go!

1. Pastel & Colorful decors

You’ve probably noticed if you follow us on Instagram that we’re big on pastel colors. To us, colors are life! 
That’s why our signature detachable playrope, we call it the PAWTY Rope that comes with our Cat All-Inclusive Throne, ORIGAMEOW and also with FLOWER PAWER is made of a blissful blue and a vibrant coral; 2 colors that intertwine greatly and add a touch of color to our playful and modern Cat furniture.

Cat Toy Playing Rope in Red and Blue

2. Fluffy & Structure textile

We hear you screaming “Fluffy Textile for the Win (or #FTW)!” And we could not agree more, especially when we talk about Cats.
Our iconic ORIGAMEOW stool has pillows that are made of the very fluffy (and trendy) Bouclé material, that is certified Oeko-Tex and allows your cat to take the best nap of its life and for your bottom to sit comfortably on top of it.
Also, we love structured shapes and that’s why our top pillows are perfect rounds with an extra layer of fluff thanks to the two layers of cushy foams!

Cat Scratcher Origameow

3. Undulating & Round shapes

Undulating like a wave? And round as the sun? 
Yes, we also have that in store.
FLOWER PAWER is a perfect half pipe, or if you want a circle cut in half and ORIGAMEOW offers a wavy form to facilitate the cats from scratching optimally any cardboard surface they can!

Origameow Sode Design Cat Scratching Post

4. Decorate with Nature's rich tones

Ahhh Nature… yes, Nature has given us so much and that’s why we are very mindful while manufacturing our products! 
They’re free of chemicals, plastic and artificial dyes, and offer earthy and calming colors, think warm browns, light beige, ashy écru…
Never thought of an eco-friendly furniture piece for your cat? Well, we did it so you don’t have to!

Origameow Sode Design Cat Scratcher

5. Handmade feel

More than just the feel, a reality! All our Cat accessories and furniture are handmade with love in sunny Portugal, therefore totally unique. Owning a SØDE Design product is owning a Design Statement piece for you and your cat!

Product design process





Cat playing with rope