September 29, 2021 — sodedesign-accessories Admin

True Fact: Magic Purrs lead to Meowre Happiness

Why adopting a Cat could be the purrfect Decision for your Mental Health!

All cat lovers out there are fierce protectors of their furry love. Even though cats may come off as aloof and unpredictable, the reality lies in their warm cuddles and purrs that have the 'paw'er to put the pain away. Here are some ways our cats improve our relationship with ourselves.


1. Lowers stress: One can never look at a sleeping cat and ever feel tense. Cats are known to support recovery from illness as well. Not only have they been helpful in case of curing PTSD and depression, but they also help distract victims from mental illness symptoms. Petting or playing with our cats releases all the right chemicals in the brain. Cats can lower stress levels, reducing the risk of having cardiovascular diseases, including heart disease and stroke. Cats also relieve stress and extend anti-anxiety benefits for their caretakers. Within a range of 20-110 Hz, a cat's purr is even considered therapeutic for humans. The reason is that it produces a very comforting sound that lowers stress. Their purr can help lower blood pressure and relax the nervous system as well!

2. Improves Health: Cats are beneficial to us from a mental and physical health perspective. Studies confirm that cat owners tend to have higher self-esteem than those without. It is because they help people deal with their struggles better and thus boosting self-esteem. Even feeding cats and taking care of them build a routine and a regular schedule. This then serves as a reminder to care for our own selves. Because of the ability of our cats to calm us, lower our stress levels, and offer companionship, they are considered to be great therapy animals for a wide variety of uses and patients. Bonus: It is known that sleeping and curling up with a cat improves the quality of sleep while extending a massive sense of comfort.

3. Fosters Healthy Relationships: Caring for a cat makes us feel connected. The reason is that it helps us build our own capacity for kindness and generosity toward the world outside. Having someone to care for also gives us a sense of purpose and someone to take care of. Acting as a loving catalyst, owning a cat can help people with their human-to-human relationships. By providing great ‘fur-end-ship’, cats can be furry affectionate pets, reducing feelings of loneliness. It is these acts of caretaking that affect our mental health positively in the long run.

4. Ensures Well-being: Owners who have a strong bond with their kitties had a higher quality of life. The more attached they are, the more they felt fit, energetic, attentive, and less sad and lonely. Even watching cats even on the internet helps us in ‘feline’ happy and regain our depleted energy.


The ability of cats to reduce stress and heal with purrs, amongst other benefits makes them the ideal champions for mental health. So next time your cat rubs its body against you, remember to thank them for helping you live 'paw-sitively'.


Furry regards,