September 29, 2021 — sodedesign-accessories Admin

7 Purr-fect ways for safe travel with your cat

We all know ‘fur-real’ that preparation is key to traveling on short and long distances with your pet. For cats, even a short car ride can make them stressed. We know if your fur baby is sad, it will make your travel a non-happy one too, this list covers 7 ways that will ensure safe and paw-some travel with your cat.

  1. Consult your Vet: While checking with your vet about your travel plans, you should ask about diseases if prevalent there, weather changes, vaccination requirements (especially overseas). For example, an airline will require a health certificate for the cat issued within 10 days of departure. A car trip requires a certificate within 30 days.

  2. Select a Carrier: Always choose a well-ventilated carrier that is big enough for your cat to get up, move around in and stretch. Allow your car to explore the carrier by keeping it in your house for a few days before you travel. You should cover the bottom of the carrier with non-sliding padding that will increase comfort for your cat.

  3. Prepare a fun playtime kit: Take with you a box of your cat's favourite toys and food, water bowls, catnip, kitty litter, elimination bags and a scooper. It is also recommended to take a few short car rides with your cat in the days before you leave. You should also avoid letting the cat out of the cage unless leashed until you reach where you are going.

  4. ID your cat: Make sure that your cat is wearing an ID of some kind. It can be attached to the collar or the harness and must contain your name, address, and phone number attached to it. A microchip is also an excellent option to identify your cat if it gets lost and someone takes them to a vet.

  5. Carry water for the way: Pack water from your own tap bottled in milk jugs or smaller bottles. This will keep your cat's stomach from getting upset due to drinking unfiltered water. You should only feed water to your cat when you are not driving. It is not recommended to leave a water bowl in your cat's carrier while driving. That way, it will spill and make a mess, and you will end up with a wet and unhappy journey with your cat.

  6. Take note of the weather: Cats cannot sweat effectively like you can to counteract the heat. If your car becomes too much heated, your cat will face a lot of discomfort with that fur. In that case, you should be prepared to line the cat's carrier with ice packs wrapped in a cloth. This will help keep your cat calm.

  7. Sleeping in a hotel: If your cat has a favourite bed at home, you should bring that with you on your travel with your cat. Cats like smells of home to make things a little more fur-miliar (familiar) for them. This smell should be recognizable by your cat that will provide them comfort.


That's all furry friends and fellow owner for this time. Keep an eye on the Cat 101 blog series for more tips. Until next time.