June 10, 2022 — Andreea Cristina Stochita

Let’s get Paw-sical: 6 steps to keep your furry friend physically happy 


It’s no secret that we, as humans, are constantly encouraged to move, exercise, or do any type of physical activity for as least as 30 minutes a day because it just makes us happier, not only healthier. Why? Well when we exercise, we release endorphins, this “happiness” hormone and lots of other good stuff for us. And if you read any of our previous blogs, you should know by now that cats are not that different from us. Needless to say how important it is to keep you indoor cat physically happy too. So let’s get paw-sical!



Offering love and attention is highly important as well, but sort of useless if your furry friend does not have her physical needs taken care of as well. So we’ve taken a meow-ment to put together some purr-fect and paw-erful solutions.


A Tired Cat is a Happy Cat

Ever noticed how cats just start running around suddenly only to crash and nap somewhere mere seconds after? Well, interesting enough that’s because cats love getting tired and then taking a nap. For an indoor cat, you can help stimulate her moving around by looking into interactive cat toys for indoor cats. Playful ropes, moving toys, the opportunities are endless!


Have your cat go (indoor) hunting

Yes, you read that correctly. A fun fact is that cats are actually part of the Feliade family that loves hunting. It’s in their nature. The famous laser light trick, an electric mouse or probably even a ball to hunt around the house will do the trick for them.


The famous catnip

This works magic and is one of the best ways to keep your cat happy. Catnip is a plant that produces a natural oil cats inhale or rub their body with and it creates a special impact on your furry friend. Cats can eat the plant or just rub in it and a euphoric, good feeling they highly enjoy happens. And don’t worry, this is perfectly safe - however, not all plants are so make sure you know the differences. The best part is, you can actually grow catnip yourself, all you need is a little pot and a sunny space in your home - #HomeHack. So if you’re a bit of a green-thumb and a cat lover, our very own Flower Pawer might just be something you want to check out. 


Let your cat climb

Cats have a natural tendency to climb things and they also love their high spots. There are a few reasons for that - it helps them monitor the area and secure themselves from anything that might seem like a threat among others. This is typical wildcat behavior, and as you cannot take your indoor cat to a forest every now and then to do this, one must come with solutions to replicate an appropriate environment at home. A cat tree or cat climber are usually the way to go here. And the good news is that SØDE Design has an awesome looking one for you - forget the ugly cat tree, and meet ORIGAMEOW.


Embrace the outdoors

Fresh air and ventilation rank high on the list of how you can assure your cat happiness. As sur-purr-singly as this might be, taking it out for a walk (yes we know how that sounds), have it experience the outdoors is alway good. Another alternative is having a “catio” - an enclosed space you can place in your garden or terrace for your kitty to roam the great outdoors.


Understand your cat’s behaviors

Understanding the habits of your furry friend is a sure way to both the cat’s and your happiness. Cats have a natural tendency for scratching - it’s all actually very healthy and we have a whole article on this if you want to know more. The best way to do it is to have vertical or horizontal scratching posts and scratch boards around the house for your cat. SØDE Design will offer you a variety of very cool looking cat scratchers that your Cat won’t get bored of!


Congratulations, you are now almost an expert in assuring happiness for your cat! 

Come back for more tips and tricks - see you next time  on Cat 101.