June 17, 2022 — Andreea Cristina Stochita

6 signs that tell if your cat is happy

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From one cat parent to another, it is fine to admit that sometimes you might get worries or start wondering - is my cat truly happy? Sure, you’re doing the best you can, spend time with your feline friend, entertain her with the best cat toys out there, give her space and her very own place and furniture in the house. Just like you would with another individual living with you. 

Every cat is unique, and just like us humans, their personality is unique too. So they might show they happy state or any other one in many different ways. While compared to us, their communication does not include words, vocal signs and using different parts of their body give them away. So we put together six signs to look out for that indicate if you feline is happy or not.


Vocal Signs

There’s more to it than a simple MEOW now and then. Cats can be extremely vocal fellows, especially when they are in a happy mood. By now you definitely know that purring is a good sign. But did you know that you can tell how a cat is feeling by the pitch of their howl? A content cat will have a more high-pitched meow, while an irritated or unhappy feline will greet you with a more low-pitched howl.


A healthy appearance

Fair enough that a happy cat will also show this through her aspect. A content kitty will keep up her grooming routine and might even go onto grooming fellow cats or lick their owners. And that’s a really good sign because the act of licking also demonstrates their friendship and trust.


A casual body position

Yes, as simple as that. You can determine the happy or sad state of your feline friends just by paying attention to the position they’re sitting in. Paws tucked in are a sign of wellbeing, relaxation and security. A strong straight postion and waving tail too, and also doubles as a welcome greeting! However, when cats erect their hair, spine and straighten their legs this is an immediate sign of irritation or distress for your kitty.

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Eyes and ears

The eyes (and ears), chico, they never lie! Cat eyes are extremely expressive - an expansion of the eyes means they are cheerful and glad. And same goes for their ears, when they are looking ahead and just a bit tilted backwards, that’s a very cheery cat right there :)


Playful Behavior

From endless running after the toys or playful “battles” with their humans, a cat in a playful mood is always a good indicator of a happy cat. And if you throw in an entertainment tool or toy, even better so for providing them a playful environment.

A Decent Craving

Naturally, just us like, when in a good mood we have a craving or two and a good apetite, don’t we? Well so does your cat. A generous appetite and signs of craving food are key behaviors showing a happy cat. 


So there you have it, six easy ways to track the happiness of your furry feline friend. And if you’re asking if there’s any way in which you can contribute to her happiness because you never want to see your fellow sad, that means you haven’t yet read our article on how to create the happy life for your cat


See you next time!

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