August 03, 2022 — Andreea Cristina Stochita

The Definitive Guide: Cat Body Language 

We’ve been talking quite a lot about different sign and cues you can pay attention to and see whether your furry friend is happy, irritated or just overall healthy (and if you’re new here you can see what we’re talking about here). A cat’s body language can say a lot of things, only if you know how to interpret the position of her ears or mighty tail. So, now that you speak MEOW, it’s time to take it to the next level.

There are 3 key body language indicators for cats, and we’re going to go through each one of them. ​​Once you learn and understand them all, you’ll be able to assess her behavior and mood by understanding and interpreting all of your cat’s  language and responding appropriately.

The Ears

Straight & upright - something is definitely happening and caught your furry friend’s attention. It is a knows fact that cats have an incredible hearing ability, almost like their superpower. When their ears are in a straight an upright position, they have definitely entered the alert mode.

Pinned back, flat - flat ears are never a good sign (for you, yeah!). Usually, pinned back ears for a cat mean they are in an angry and irritated mood, ready to start hissing or worse. So better beware and keep your distance, let them be.

Slightly forward - if your cat’s ears are in a slightly forward position this can be an indications that she’s in the mood to be playful and giddy, she’s curios and might just want you to play with her and her PAWTY rope you just bough her.

The Eyes

Slowly Blinking - be prepared to be caught in a mesmerising trance, it’s a good one don’t worry! In the feline world this is the equivalent of a loving gesture, your cat is sending your kisses and great affections.

Dilated Pupils - these can sometimes be confusing, because dilated pupils happen for so many reasons with cats. They might be just on the verge of attacking their toy, and here the pupils dilate as a sign of excitement. However, when aggressive or defensive their pupils can also get dilated. So be careful and observe her overall state and make sure to act accordingly.


Tail Signs

A Wagging Tail - Uh Oh! This gesture of the tail means your feline is very frustrated and in an aggressive, irritable mood. Petting, or really any touching in this situation is advised not to take place. Or…enter at your own risk!

A Twitching Tail - You know what time it is? Meow it’s time to play with your kitty. This tail twitching signifies a playful and happy mood form your cat, so what are you waiting for? Grab the play rope and let the fun begin.

A Puffed Up Tail - Although extremely cute, a fluffy and puffed up tail is not a good sign from your feline. This usually means she’s in a negative mood and can anytime start hissing or becoming a bit aggressive. Therefore, you know what to do - give her some space.

A Tucked Away Tail - A tucked away tail normally shows signs of depression or submission from your furry friend. Cats usually tuck away their tails when they are shy, in a new environment or nervous about something, like meeting their new family for the first time.

A Curved Tail - When a cat’s tail curves almost in the position of a question mark, she’s just letting you know to let the fun begin. A pro tip form us to you - this cat's gesture is a great time to win her trust and acquaintance.

Embracing Tail - giving us the most adorable image, a cat wrapping her tail around herself is definitely a good sign. This position indicates your feline is in an easy, satisfied and happy mood. Also, did you know that embracing the tail is also a way cats hug each other and give each other warmth? Well now you do.

And that brings us to the end of our cat body language guide. Now that you can speak the language and read the signs, you’ve definitely earned the title of cat whisperer

See you next time!