How to Make your Indoor Cat Happy Ebook!

Your tiger is in need of affection and sometimes tends to get moody. She meows and you don't why? Well fret no more, with this ebook you will get all the not so dirty secrets on how to make your little feline happy indoor!

Woman dressed in blue shirt and pants sitting next to a cat and modern cat furniture


The Cat Furniture and Accessory business seems to be the last (non) extinct dinosaur. The giant Cat Tree may look great at your Grandma’s but we doubt it’s the right fit in your fiiiiine looking home!

For too long, Cat Furniture and Accessories have been overlooked, and underloved with a “this-will-do” kind of attitude and leaving customers to pick the least-offensive looking options in the market.

That just doesn't seem right! Time to find better alternatives!

We say, search no more, that’s the equation SØDE Design will solve for you (yep, we may be geniuses in Maths!) which is born from the desire to create a beautifully designed (fe)line of furniture and accessories that are

1) Inspired by the Scandinavian style of design that you would love,

2) Designed with insights and playful surprises that fulfill your Cat friend with Happiness

3) Manufactured in Eco-responsible European factories.

Our obsession became our passion; to offer you a solution that would delight your Cat, your appetite for great design and contribute to your growing eco-consciousness!what we also called the SØDE Design Purrfect Trilogy!